Help with Debbie bliss pattern cabled jacket

I hope some one can help me with a Debbie bliss pattern…I’m pretty sure the first 2 rows ( which are the set up rows and not repeated) aren’t correct. I have read it more than I care to admit. The pattern is for the cabled jacket and it’s making ZERO sense. I’m hoping against hope that someone out there has made it. I tried looking on the web site to see if there was a revision but no such luck. So here goes the set up rows. It’s worked on 146 stitches.
Row 1 RS p2… [k4 p3] 2 times…got that part, [k4,p1,k2, p4,k4,p4,k2,p1] 5 times (got that part to) k4,[p3 k4] 2 times ( yup that to) p2.

This is the tricky part
Row 2. WS K2, [p4,k3] 2times ( got that) now beginning here> it just doesn’t look right [p4,k1,p2,k4,p4,k4,p2,k1] 5 times p4 [k3, p4] 2 times,p 2. When I start the 2nd row it works fine ,k’s and p’s are right, but when I get to the 5 sets to do it’s just doesn’t work… it seems like it’s backwards because the k’s and the p’s aren’t working out when it comes to cables like I know cables.


Row 2. WS K2, [p4,k3] 2times,p4,[k1,p2,k4,p4,k4,p2,k1, p4] 5 times, [k3, p4] 2 times,p 2.

It looks to me like the brackets are misplaced. If you change them so the first bolded p4 is outside the bracket and the second bolded p4 is inside the bracket, it’ll work. Actually row 2 looks like a “knit the knits and purl the purls” row.

Thank you so much!!! Knit the knits and purl the purls makes sense and that was going to be my next try. I frogged the 2nd row 4 times, I was frustrated but I refuse to give up on this. Your my savior!!


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