Help with crochet picot bind-off on a knit shawl?

Hello! I am contemplating making my first shawl. I’d like to make the Guardian Angel Shawl
I’ve been swatching, and I’m sure I can knit it. The problem is the bind-off. It says “Single crochet into stitch on left needle, picot with 5 chain stitches, single crochet into the same stitch on left needle, chain stitch”. And there is a little chart at the bottom - Chart #5.
I’ve even looked up crochet bind-off and picot bind-offs. I’ve been swatching these bind-offs, but I still don’t completely get it. Can anyone help me?

@OffJumpsJack Is this maybe right up your alley?

Sure. I have looked at the pattern you mentioned. What part of the picot stitch is giving you trouble?

Most crochet videos show 3 chain picot stitches like this one.

Your pattern is to chain 5 for the picot and then SC into the same stitch on the left needle.

The picot stitch will look something like the following

[mistake in above image.]

I think my first try above incorrectly lines up with the YO stitches.

I believe the picots should line up to work into the knits above the dec sts (either K2tog or SSK) as follows.

(Green marks: circles are chains and the T or X are the SC stitches.)

I take the pattern instructions to indicate the picot (5 chain sts loop) is closed with the SC into the same knit stitch unlike the video which uses a slip stitch.

With out my mark up:


good work keep doing it

Wow! Thank you so much for doing all that!!
I’ve been swatching for 2 more days, and have come closer, but your info really helps. I don’t even know what a single crochet is. I didn’t know there was a difference between chain stitch & single crochet. Obviously, I know NOTHING about crocheting. lol
I’ve been just doing a chain stitch, I guess. My count was way off until I figured out that where it says “chain stitch” at the end of the instruction actually meant to do something. That was not clear to me at all. If it said “1 chain stitch”, I would have known to make a stitch. I thought it was just a description of what I was doing. lol
But at least I figured out that there is supposed to be a stitch in between each bind-off stitch. Now the spacing looks much better. I’ve gotten pretty close with my chain stitch hack I made up, but I want to do it correctly, so now I’ve got to learn and practice doing a single crochet. None of this crocheting is easy for me. All I’ve got is a Stitch-Fixer, not a real crochet hook. And trying to hold onto the knitting needle & the crochet hook, and figure out where to hold the yarn for the proper tension on the crochet hook while making sure the stitches aren’t falling off my needle is quite challenging!
Thank you so much for your help! I’m off to learn a Single Crochet!