Help with crochet edging.

Hi all, well I just made a small pouch/purse with long handles (to wear crossbody) and did it in black yarn. I’d love to add some color to make it pop and thought of a crochet edging in a bright color around the top edge. I know I’ve seen instructions on how to do this but can’t seem to find any. Can anyone let me know how to do this, or refer me to somewhere? Thank y’all so much!

Here’s a good link.

Hi, there! Here’s a page that I’ve used a few times! All of the patterns should be written in American terms. The shell edging is my favorite and it’s just so easy! (Hopefully the link works for you :confounded:)


That’s a good one @barefootedfish! The one I posted will help with out to do it and this gives some ideas. :clap:

Thanks for those sites, Jan and barefootedfish! A great help. Sorry for my slow response my mom’s been very ill. Y’all are awesome : )

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