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Hello everyone, I just bought a whole bunch of yarn to make this blanket: As-We-Go Stripey Blanket. I bought eleven different colors like the pattern calls for and I’m wondering if anybody has any tips for how you would go about choosing the order the colors should go in since I’m pretty sure the original creator did not use her colors in a pattern. What’s a good way to get an even spread of all the colors? Maybe this is just a total personal preference thing, but I just wanted to know if anyone had any tips. Thanks ahead of time! :kissing_heart:

This might help you in your task:
Even with help of the theory there are many options and as you already guessed, it is pretty much a personal preference thing.

What a lovely blanket you’ve chosen!
I have not made anything like this but some things you might think about:

  • the patterns repeat but the colours within those patterns don’t which makes it balanced and also look more detailed as the variety of colours are used with different textures which makes for greater interest
  • if you have a bolder colour space this colour evenly ( by measurement rather than the pattern stitch), in one of the photos there is a bolder pink nicely spaced an the paler pastel colours between these bolder stripes. Bold stripes would look more balanced across the entirety of the blanket that way.
  • you could allocate an ‘order’ but on each pattern repeat skip 2 or 3 on the order so that each time you still use all the colours but the order is just shifted out of place and therefore producing different combinations within the texture
  • I’d feel a bit worried about getting an overall spread and running out of a colour part way through, you could give yourself some guidance by weighing your yarn balls as you go along, so for instance working out the blanket length and using half weight for half the blanket, quarter for quarter (i weighed balls recently when I knitted a striped jumper and it did help me figure out i needed more stripes/colours within the piece, on completion i had only a tiny piece of one colour left, maybe 40cm, but had gauged well enough to get my seams sewn in the correct colour so I was pleased with my weighing guidance)
  • if you feel really stuck you could allocate a number to each colour on a photo you like and allocate numbers to the yarns you bought and then copy the order to produce the same spread of colour variety but with your own colours.

Don’t know if any if that might help

Looking forward to seeing some progress, its so nice.


I just found this calculator on Friday! Within it is a link to another calculator to use if you have varying amounts of different colors. I’m using it for an afghan. I made several modifications to the outcome. My first attempt had lots of 1-row stripes (no thanks!), so I used 30 rows instead of 120 then multiple each stripe width by 4. I also did some rearranging so that I ended up with my main color on both ends and ended a stripe when my skein ran out. This gave me a good start at figuring out something I’d never done before.


This is VERY helpful! Thanks so much!

I’ll have to check that out, thanks! :wink:

This is so cool! Thanks, I never would have know that existed. :smiley:

Since you were so helpful and seemed interested I thought I’d share the colors I’m using. I’m super excited to get started!bwank bwank (2) bwank bwank (3)


You’re welcome! I was excited to discover it!


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Glad some of it was helpful.
I love that stripe calculator too, it’s cool, I had a play with it. I liked how the calculator gave results 2hich weren’t even throughout but balanced as an overall outcome, on of the results I had was heavier on certain colours towards the ends making the overall product look considered as a “whole” and I really liked that aspect.

I could never make anything as hard as this. I can barely crotchet. I’d love to be able to… maybe one day (in the far distant future)!

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I encourage you to try crochet more. I find it no where near as hard as knitting (no dropped stitches possible). I’m not an expert by any means, I have really never done anything this complicated before in crochet, but the pattern has such good instructions with lots of pictures, so I’m going for it. If I’m going to spend a lot of time making a blanket it better be a blanket I really like! :smile:

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Not sure if someone else suggested this but I didn’t see it in the prior responses.

You might want to try swatching using Fibonacci series numbers. Fun, easy and the results are always pleasing to the eye.

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I made an afghan with a lot of colors. I laid the skeins out this way and that to see what I liked. Do what suits your eyes.

I’m familiar with Fibonacci, but how would you apply it to color sequencing?

Here are two of many articles to get you started, one for crochet and one for knits:

Rabbits, Math, Crochet Color Striping, and the Fibonacci Sequence


You can find classes using this technique on YouTube, Craftsy, Stitches Events and Vogue Kinitting Events. There are lots of patterns on Ravelry as well.

Hope this helps.


Wow! That’s a very handy tool. Thanks so much for posting this.

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Very interesting. I’m going to have to try this sometime. I think for this project I’m just going to mostly use my eye. I’ve already started and so far it isn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Thanks for the suggestion anyway. I always love learning about different techniques. :+1:t2:

You’re welcome! I feel like I really stumbled on it. I had looked for help with varying stripe widths a few times then this popped up one day. I must have changed my search string.


That will be pretty! For some reason, I’m not getting emails from knittinghelp. Glad I realized it and came to the site to see what’s happening.

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I’ve made an afghan with … 9 if not 12 different shades of several colors. I laid them out this way and that on the floor until I got what I liked best then I started.

Do what’s best in your mind. You are the creator, therefore you get to chose which colors go where and how often.

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