Help with Colinette kit?

My mom purchased a Colinette kit on eBay, but she doesn’t know the name of the colorway. She had separated out the yarn by type and color, but she doesn’t know which color should be A,B, etc., and she doesn’t want to run out of yarn if she doesn’t use them in the right order. So… does anyone know which Colinette kit has Mohair 61, Mohair 10D, Raphael 70, and Zanziba 85 in it, to name a few?

I’d appreciate it very much if someone could tell me which colors are which letters, or at least know the name of the colorway so we could try to find out that information from another source. Thank you!!

In case you haven’t already tried it, a Google search led me here. If you don’t find it there, you could try contacting them. What does it make? That might help in efforts to ID it.

Thanks, Gramma. Yes, I did a Google search, too, but was unable to find yarn lists. The kit is one of the Absolutely Fabulous (aka Ab Fab) throws.

I have contacted Colinette directly, but with the time difference, they are now closed, and meanwhile, my mom is sitting here on vacation wishing she could start her project. I thought maybe someone here might have made that kit and would have the info before the manufacturer could get back to me.

Trying to find anything on this is difficult. That’s not news to you. Is there a picture of the finished throw with the kit? If so maybe you could take a picture of the picture and post it. It might help.

There are some Colinette throws at It seems you have to log in to look at them but joining is free. Maybe yours will actually show up there.

There are several pictured here. You may be lucky and find your mom’s and be able to figure out color sequence from the expanded photos.
I’ve tried searching on the Raphael yarn but didn’t come up with anything. Contacting Colinette is a good idea. They should be able to help.
Good luck in your search.

Thanks so much for your help. I just now received an e-mail from Colinette, and they have helped with the problem. Best wishes to you all.