Help with Christmas Stocking, please

Barbara here… I’m a 61 yr. old girl… living in a retirement comm. in MA… I’ve been knitting and crocheting since I was about 14 for real… learned at about 9, but got into it big time when “my first boyfriend’s” MOM opened her yarn shop right up the street from my home…the guy “dumped ME”… but his MOM and I became very close… I ended up helping her in the shop… then working there until I had my first baby 8 years later!!! She was brilliant and I learned so much from here… I now have little groups once a week where people here come to chat and learn… or just a little help… All summer you can find me poolside with a project, so we call the Winter meet… “The Pool Withdrawal Group”… !!:stuck_out_tongue:

I refer girls to on line video’s for help when they are confused and they can’t belive what’s out here for free!!! I too am so happy to see where the “net” takes us… My reason for coming is that after gazing at a Christmas Stocking Pattern I found on the net by Nicky Epstein… I finally started… it’s a 2 needle pattern… (that made it perfect for me)… but as I start “row 1” to enter the heel section… they just do not account for all the stitches… I’ve some left… so LSS… I’ve come for help… I know I can give a lot of help to beginners… and hope someone will go to the site mentioned … check it out and tell me if I’m wasting my time… that is just WRONG… I so happy to have found this place… Barbara Johnson/SheehanCreations:happydance: