Help with changing gauges

Hey all!

I have never knitted a hat before and decided to start with the “Simple Hat with Ribbed Edge” from this site, actually ( The only problem is I don’t have size 7 needles. How different would it be if I used size 5 or 6? Would I have to change the number of stitches?

Why not knit a swatch? Cast on with your size 6s, and see what your gauge is… you might not have to make any changes at all! Usually the pattern gives a gauge with “suggested” needles… you might get that same gauge with a different size needle. The gauge is more important than the needles, for sure!

ok. I made a little swatch. The pattern says 20 stitches should = 4" but mine comes out to a little less than 3". Any suggestions?

Take your gauge and go here. You’ll be able to make a simple hat with a ribbed edge using your yarn, needles, gauge and measurements.

Just wanted to say that I’ve used that formula and had good results.