Help with Celtic Tote pattern Interweave Knits Winter 07 Page 98

My mom took my magazine so I scanned the page for the celtic tote and it didn’t take the whole page. I’m missing a few words on each line so can you please help me with the back. I’m where it says back obviously the second column. Of each sentence I’ll write out the last words I have so I don’t write out the whole pattern. If someone could complete the sentences that would be great.

cont in pattern
6 as shown
completing row
cables 6 sts
until row
RS Row
in patt
84 sts rem
19 of chart
WS Row
each side
each cable
29 sts
4 sts each side
as established

I completed the rows for you. Where there was nothing to complete, i didn’t write anything. Did you check the errata for the pattern? There are mistakes at the very beginning of the pattern. The row after 6 rows in rev st st (the one you place the markers on), all the K7, K8, K7 between markers and the cable chart should be PURLS. You can also see it on the IK website.

Thank you so much I really appreciate it. Yes I did since the mistakes after of course I tore out about 10 times because i knew something wasn’t right lol. Thank you very very much.