Help with casting on for intarsia

Okay, I’m attempting my first intarsia project. It’s basically a circle with some symbols on it on a white background. The CC doesn’t actually start until the 4th row. How do I do the color change to start intarsia? I looked at amy’s video on intarsia and with hers the CC’s are already started. Anyone have any help to send my way I would really appreciate it.

What I do is this. A couple of stitches before the actual first cc stitch, I start twisting my cc around the yarn for the mc. This way when I knit with the first cc, it’s already anchored.

I put my needle in to stitch, but before I wrap the yarn I lay the color to be attached across where the needles cross. Then I wrap my stitch. The strand gets caught under the yarn in use. I fold the end of the new strand down to the back and wrap it around the yarn in the back. Then I twist the cc in the mc until it’s time to make that first stitch. I wish I had a little video of what I do. It seems to work, but is so hard to explain.

Thanks so much for your quick response, Ingrid! I will give it a try! :happydance: