Help with casting off

I have just finished the back of a jumper.
I was wondering what is the proper way to cast off when knitting with a moss stitch or any other pattern. Do you carry on with the design and cast off? I am attaching a picture of the back of my jumper. Thank you for your help!


I think it depends on the pattern, or if you’re modifying it, how you’d like the finished edges to look. Generally, I’d cast off in pattern.

Would your next row, staying in pattern, be to knit the purls and purl the knits? If it is that’s what I’d do. I would work the stitches as if doing another row but go ahead and bind them off. Most tutorials I’ve seen say to knit the knits and purl the purls on the bind off row but I think continuing in pattern looks better.

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Very nice top.

If this is the top edge of the neck and there is no additional edging or collar (pick up and knit instructions in the pattern for neck edge or collar) you might want a decorative bind off, and the great thing about hand knitting is that you can modify a pattern any way you like.
It’s also possible to bind off the shoulders in pattern where they will be seamed and to bind off the centre stitches differently if this is the neck edge.

I love the Icelandic bind off which looks very nice by purl bumps, so garter, reverse stockinette or moss stitch. Maybe try it on a swatch and see if you like it?

Your top looks lovely, it’s worth giving some time into considering the bind off. You could even save your stitches on a length of yarn whilst you continue with the rest of 5he top if you need more time to decide on the bind off.
You might try different needle sizes for the bind off too. I usually use a larger needle so that the bind off edge has some stretch and not too tight. However with the Icelandic bind off I don’t go bigger as its is a stretchy bind off anyway and works well on the same size needle or even a slightly smaller needle sometimes.


Thank you for all your advice, it is very helpful :+1: I think working on a swatch is a very good idea too!


This is beautiful. Would you mind sharing the name of the pattern?

It is a pattern from bergere de France, it is named V neck lacy top, reference M2558 and the yarn is ecoton.
I found the page online:
Hope this helps!