Help with carrying yarn

I’m trying to work a design into a hat, now I’m not the most experienced, and don’t know all the different techniques. I’ve kind of just been twisting the 2 yarns every stitch So I don’t end up with big loops on the inside
After knitting the pattern a bit, I noticed there’s what might be a tension problem on my Part? Between where I was only working one color, and where I started carrying the second color.

And in some spots the yarn carried in the back will show itself in the front

Is there any tips on how to stop both these problems?

Are you knitting flat or in the round? What kind of design do you mean? Is this a scarf or what?

Fair isle does leave loops on the back…those are called floats. If the gap between colors is only 5 stitches or less you don’t need to do anything just make sure the float is loose or it will cause tension problems. If it’s longer than 5 stitches you will probably need to catch the float. She does it for 3 stitches, but I usually go with 5. Up to you though.

For twisting every stitch that’s not that many showing through. Tug and poke to get them inside.
Like Jan said, twist less often.

For what you showed I’m not understanding why the color is being carried (except that it’s probably in the round for a hat so we’re told we have to strand). Fair Isle designs usually have more contrasting designs thrown in to avoid long carries.

I would either add more designs or fake in the round for Intarsia if your design stays in one area. For that single vertical row I’m sure you could drop the color and carry it up to the new round just as easy as carrying the strand over all those stitches. Where it gets into a larger block you could figure out a way to turn while avoiding a hole or make a seam for that section.

If you’re in a cold area double knitting makes a very warm hat (probably not much different than all the strands being carried) and you can have isolated color blocks. The opposing color isn’t stranded, it forms another fabric on the inside. You could start double knitting at the top of the ribbing by knitting into the front loop with one color and knitting into the back loop with the other.

Sorry I forgot to mention that. It is in the round and for a hat. I was just trying to put a word on the hat, it takes up about only half the hat

Yeah it is in the round, I was carrying it all the way because I thought if I were to drop it and pick back up going back around it would be a too big of a float.
I have definitely used double knitting as a way to avoid these issues in the past lol, so it did cross my mind to do it again

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This is what I have going so far… I tried looking up the different techniques and wasn’t quite sure what would work best for this

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You definitely couldn’t drop and pick it up on the other side.

I think the way people fake intarsia in the round on something like this is to knit back and forth colorwork on the letter panel and back and forth on the hat opposite the panel and link the panels either by twisting or seaming.
There are a lot of websites on it but I haven’t paid enough attention to linking the panels since I haven’t done it yet.

With my dog’s Fair Isle I added designs around the picture to shorten the carries.

I’ll have to look into the faking. Thank you.
And if i cant figure that out, I might just resort to my usual double knit lol

One solution is to knit the hat flat (back and forth) and then seam.
If you’d rather not do that but continue to work intarsia in the round, the technique is to use short rows. Here’s two ways to do that:

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Thank You! I’m definitely going to give this a try