Hello! I’m having trouble with my first attempt to make a sweater.

The pattern is

I am knitting the back side, size M, and this part I don’t get:

Shape raglans: Cast off 2 (2-3- 3-4-4) sts at beg of next 2 rows. 81 (89-95-105-117-135) sts.

Starting with 93 stitches, I have to end up with 89, after 2 rows.

Cast off 2 sts means that I knit 1 st, then I knit the second st, and I slip the first one on top of the second, and the I continue knitting? Or that means casting off just 1 st? So I should do it again one more time and that equals casting off 2 sts?

I also don’t get why would I do that only at the beginning and not at the end as well of each row, to make it even.

I hope you can help me, I am stuck at this point of the pattern

Thank you!

Congrats on working your first sweater!
Count the stitches as you pass them over and off the needle. So knit 2, pass one over and off, then knit one more and pass a stitch over and off. It’ll take working 3sts to cast off 2 at the beginning of the row.

If you cast off at the end of a row, the working yarn is stranded at the end of the cast off along with a single stitch. You can really only cast off at the beginning of a row. Yes, this offsets the cast offs by one row but it’s a small fraction of an inch and is unnoticeable in the finished sweater.

Good luck with the very nice sweater.

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Thank you so much for your explanation!! I just finished those 2 rows and now I can continue with the rest of the pattern :heavy_heart_exclamation: