Help with cables

I am attempting the “Fetching” pattern from Knitty. On the cables, when you do the ones to the back where does your working yarn go after you have knitted the two stitches off the left needle? I am a conti knitter if it makes a difference. I don’t know if I should move the yarn to behind the cable needle on the left side of it or move it to behind the right side of it. I hope that makes sense–I’m not sure how else to explain it.

Your yarn is behind the last stitch that you knit from the left needle, and you need keep the yarn behind for the first stitch from the cable needle, so putting it your words, I’d say keep it behind the cable needle’s right point. Treat the cable needle as if it’s the right needle–just knit the next stitch with the yarn in back.

Hope this helps.

Ingrid, thanks so much for replying, but I’m still :shrug:

My working yarn is behind the left needle, but in front of the cable needle when I knit 2 stitches off the left needle. Then, I need to knit the 2 stitches off the cable needle, so does my working yarn go across between the right needle and the cable needle and then behind the cable needle on the right side, or do I just bring it behind the left needle and in back of the cable needle on the left side? Sorry, this is my first time doing cables and I couldn’t find the answer in either of my books.

I wish I could pop over there and show you. I think it’s becoming more complicated than it needs too. :hug:

Pretend that your left needle doesn’t exist, and the only two stitches you need to work are the ones on the cable needle. That becomes your left needle for the next two stitches. The real left needle isn’t involved.

Thanks, Ingrid! I guess I’ll have to wait and see what it looks like when I’m done–I may have some sort of weird stitch pattern there. I appreciate your guidance.