Help with cable blanket stitch

I’m trying to knit a yarnspirations pattern for a cable knit blanket. The cable panel says worked order 24 stitches. 1st row
Right side (p1,k1) twice. 2. K12. P2. (K1. P1) twice. What does the “2” mean?? After the (p1k1) twice ?? The “2” is all by itself. What does that mean?

Maybe the Bernat Horseshoe Cable Blanket? If so, I see the first row of the cable pattern as:
1st row: (RS). (P1. K1) twice. P2. K12. P2. (K1. P1) twice

If this is the pattern it might be an error in your copy.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to answer my question. Yes my copy of the horseshoe blanket is incorrect.

I am following the link you sent. Thanks again.