Help with Brackets please!!!

Hi everyone. Got the following instructions and it’s totally confusing me. I’m a beginner and it’s suppose to be a easy cardigan… it goes as follows…
P3 [4:4:2:2:3], p2tog (p4 [3:3:3:4:3], p2tog) 7 [9:10:12:11:14] times, p2 [4:5:3:1:4]. 41 [45:50:54:59:64] sts.
I should finish with 50 stitches but the brackets are confusing me. Please help!!

The numbers inside [ ] are for different sizes, smallest is on the outside, progressively larger so the largest is the last. Pick your size, mark it on the pattern, and follow that instruction. Is that where you have a problem?

The brackets are for the different sizes!

Sorry I meant ( ) brackets not [ ] I’ve managed to work it out though thank you!!