Help with booties


I am a newbie at crochet and trying to make some quick booties. The pattern (“The Quickest Booties in the West” from Pattern a day Crochet calender 2008 - July 14th) says:

“Chain 18.
Row 1: 5 dc in 3rd ch from hook. Dc in each stitch across. 5 dc in end st. Working in free loops of beginning ch, dc in each loop across. Join w/sl st to top of beginning dc.”

So as I understand it the best way to increase at the beginning of a row is to make a longer turning chain, so would that mean I just make a longer chain instead of 18, right? I was thinking 23. Is that correst?

Secondly, I am very confused about the “Working in free loops of beginning ch, dc in each loop across. Join w/sl st to top of beginning dc.” Am I crocheting in the round?

Thanks a lot


Hi Sarah,
You don’t need to add any extra chains–they have built that into the pattern.

As I read it, what you are doing is crocheting double crochets on both sides of your initial chain. You are starting with a “shell” of 5 dc’s and ending with another 5 dc’s in the last chain. Then you turn the corner and head back down that same chain by making more dc’s in the little loops on the bottom. When you get back to that first “shell” you will connect with a slip stitch.

You will end up with a shell on each end, and back to back dc’s along your original chain.

It sounds like you are creating a nice little oval sole for the bottom of the bootie.

Thanks Pam. So am I correct in thinking that they acually want me to increase by crocheting 5 dc stitches in ONE chain stitch asopposedto elongating the chain and making a longer chain? Right?


Follow the pattern. It says ch18.
(I’ve never heard of increasing at the beginning of a row by making a longer turning chain, which doesn’t mean much because the majority of my crochet stuff is square afghans, but at least when my sister was teaching me she never mentioned that method. It would seem that would give you a stepped increase from row to row.)

Yes you are working “in the round” to make a tube (like knitting “in the round” not like granny square “in the round”).
But it’s possible at some point they have you start turning.

Hi Sarah,
How is the bootie coming along? Sorry it took me a while to get back to you. Yes, you are making 5 dc’s in one chain. This creates a shell. Since you head on around to do dcs on the other side of the chain, the shells on the ends will give a nice shape.
Can’t wait to see it!