Help with Booties Instructions!

Hi! I’m a beginner and I’m trying out this pattern for booties. Got a bit confused with these instructions.

Rep these 4 rows etc. …
Break off yarn

Does the words in bold means I just cut the yarn? In the middle of a row? Or do I have to cast off? What would happen to the loose yarn if I were to cut off? Is it to be tied somewhere? Or am I reading the instructions wrongly?

I’m doing the heel part and am shaping the instep. The next part requires:
pick up and K8 sts up side of instep,
K across 9 sts of instep
pick up and K8 sts down side of instep.

Please help!



Yep! You got it. Just cut the yarn. I usually leave tail of about 6-8". There’s no need to tie off the yarn or anything. Just leave it be; you’ll weave it later.

I think Amy’s Video will help ya :wink:

What pattern are you working? Is is online? Maybe we can take peek … :mrgreen:

Thanks for your help!! :slight_smile: I’m done with the booties. No, they aren’t online. I didn’t know there are free patterns online until I started surfing. Anyway, it’s some pattern by Hayfield which I got from the local knit shop.

I’m now doing the bonnet. I have something to clarify. Please help!

Instructions say:
Cont in pattern until bonnet measures 11cm from beg, ending with a P row.

The pattern is something like that:
1st row: blah blah
2nd row: P to end
3rd row: blah blah
4th row: P to end.

So does that mean I end on either a 2nd or 4th row, or is it the other way round?


If the pattern is only four rows long, I might try to end on a row 4. But yes, you want the last row to be a row where you “P to end”.