Help with Berocco "Aphrodite" pattern

Hello, I’m new to this site, thanks to Berocco. :smiley: I found this great free pattern on their website, but I don’t understand the “Easy” instructions:

Specifically, the skirt is not worked in the round but I see no instruction for seaming it.

The waistband is supposed to measure 15," but it doesn’t appear to be this high in the photo. I wonder if they meant 5." :??

Finally, in Row 6 of the Pattern Stitch, what does it mean to knit, dropping yo’s?

I’m a knitting beginner (since August '05) and usually very good at following written instructions. This would be my first non-flat project. I’d really like to make this item, but don’t want to purchase the materials before I have a good understanding of the instructions.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

One thing that jumped out at me is when it talks about the waistband, you want a total of 15 inches–from the beginning–not just for the waistband.

It also appears that the sides of the ‘skirt’ are not attached–you can see that in the picture.

In row 5 you yo twice. On the next row, you drop these–just let them slide off the needle.

Wow, you’re quick! :thumbsup: Thanks Ingrid, for pointing out to me what I just couldn’t grasp. That makes all the difference.