Help with beanie pattern

I have been knitting for about 2 months…though all I have made is scarves. LOL.

So I’d like to make a beanie and this is the pattern (except I’m starting with all one color) I’d like to use…

I’m a little confused on the circ needle thing. Would I have to use needles with the cable inbetween that is EXACTLY the length of the stiches I have?
I didn’t pay attention (silly me) and I bought bamboo 29" circs.
Anyways I can take those back and exchange them tomorrow should I need to.

It appears from reading that pattern that I would use the circs to start with and then when I start decreasing transfer them to the DPN’s…is that correct?

Thanks for any help you can give me.

BTW…I learned to knit entirely from this website it is WONDERFUL.

I don’t think that 72 st will fit on a 29 in needle. You can always go smaller than the circumference of the article you’re knitting, but not longer, unless you use a magic loop or 2 circ method. You might want to save those. Or, if you’re adventurous, you could learn them now. I’ve been knitting for more than half my life and I just learned them myself.

Anyway, a 16 inch circ would probably be right for this hat. I have circs in all sizes and lengths, so you might want to keep the longer ones for future use. But then again, I am a glutton when it comes to knitting supplies. :rollseyes:

Thanks So much. I would keep them but DH has been pestering about Michaels showing up every other line in the checkbook :wink: So I’d better just exchange them for now.

well i don’t know how much help i am going to be but i can say that when you are looking at circ length you want to measure tip to tip, not the cable. I think i have used 29" circs for some of these afghans i have started. I think 16 is prolly a good size. i am surprised that the pattern didn’t tell you how long. hopefully someone will verify for us but i do believe the 16 is a good choice.

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