Help with Basic Top Down Sweater

Hello all. Im relatively new to knitting. Ive done a few hats and cozies, however, am now having a little courage to do a baby sweater. Ive chosen this one —>

However, when I get to the yoke on row 2, it says [B]“Row 2…(k to within 1 stitch of marker, inc, slip marker, inc, ) across”[/B] The problem is when I increase (within one stitch of marker) theres still one left before the marker. Does this make sense? So basically im knitting to within 1 stitch of marker, increasing, [B]KNITTING[/B], then slipping the marker, then increasing again. Am I doing something wrong with the increase?

The pattern is probabably written using kfb for the inc rather than m1 where you would kfb in the 1 st, sl marker and kfb in the next stitch. You could do yours by M1, k1, sl m, k1 M1 as long as you’re consistent.


Perfect!! Thanks a bunch!! I just ended up re-doing it again since I wasnt that far in…now however, I have another problem. I just started the dividing row. I am on the part where I just slipped the back onto a holder. The working yarn is also on the holder…is this correct? and then im supposed to purl the 2nd sleeve…how do i do this with the working yarn on the holder? will I be working both sleeves on one needle? Sorry so many questions, im eager to get this correct. Thanks for any help in advance.

If you’re that far, you’ve already done this with the front and first sleeve; just take the yarn that’s attached to the back and begin purling the second sleeve. It does say you’ll be working both sleeves at the same time with different strands of yarn. This is usually to make both of them end up with the same number of rows, but you can make them individually.

So when I start purling the second sleeve, I just continue with the same needle that the first sleeve is on correct?? So I’ll have 2 sleeves on one needle with a hole in the middle (where the back is, which is on a holder)??

Yep, that’s what it sounds like; the fronts and back on holders, the sleeves on the needles.

I hope im not being naggy about this, but how do I knit two sleeves at once? Am I supposed to just knit the length and then seam up the underneath? or am I knitting on dpn’s? maybe I shouldve picked something

The pattern says: “[SIZE=-1][FONT=helvetica,arial,sans-serif][FONT=helvetica,arial,sans-serif]You can now knit both sleeves at the same time…”

Can means you’re able to, you don’t have to. To knit both at once, turn and begin working across the sleeve stitches; at the end, drop that yarn and pick up a new strand and knit across the other sleeve. That’s it - you just have to remember to use the separate strands for each sleeve. You can also just do one and finish it, then work on the other. They can be knit flat and seamed up, or you can put one on a stitch holder too and work them around. Or leave one of them on the needles and use dpns to work the other, then come back to work on the other. It’s not specific because it’s up to you how you want to do it, which ever way you find easiest.