Help with baby pattern waistcoat

I have just started a new pattern for a baby waistcoat and I am wondering how to work the shoulders. The waistcoat is made with a garter stitch and is worked vertically. After completing 16 rows, the pattern says to cast off 8 additional stitches (for the shoulders), work 2 additional rows and say “on the next row (right side) & fill 4th row cast off 1 st at beg of the row
Work the 3 rows on the rem 33 stitches”.
My question is how many rows will make the shoulders? Is it 13? I have tried so many ways but the shoulders seems too thin…
Can you please help? Thank you!

I could be wrong but my guess is that there arem16 rows between armhole and neck edge, then some shaping at the neck front (the cast off 1 on next and foll 4th looks like shape around neck).
Counting the garter ridges (2 rows make a ridge of wiggles ~~~~~ ) on the photo it looks like 16 rows which could be the “after completeing 16 rows”.

Do you know which part of the project you are currently working on? Maybe it is labeled such as “right front” or similar?
What is the name or number of the pattern?
It’s very cute.

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Thank you for your help!
The pattern is called Garter stitch waistcoat. I found it on bergere de France.
The part I am currently working on is the right front shoulder.

Does it seem right to you now?
Remember when a pattern says “right front neck” or “right shoulder” it is the right side as you would wear the waistcoat.

It seems to me that something has gotten lost in the translation of this pattern. At beginning of the Right Front Neck directions there is a cast on of 8 new sts at the end of a RS row. These shape the side of the neck opening.
The next 2 rows, call them rows 1 & 2 are WS and then RS rows.
The directions to cast off one stitch on the next row must be at the beginning of a WS row (not the RS row as the pattern states) as this and the following cast off shape the shoulder. Cast off one stitch at the beginning of row 3 and row 7.
Work rows 8 (RS), 9 (WS) and 10 (RS).
On the next row, a WS row (pattern says RS) cast off for the armhole opening.

Babies have fairly small shoulders so I wouldn’t worry about the shoulders appearing too narrow. If you feel this width of shoulder won’t work (about 11-12 rows), just add in an extra row or two.
It certainly is an adorable pattern.


Thank you for your answer. I believe you are right I casted off on row 3 and row 7 then knitted an additional 3 rows. Now I should be at the point where I cast off to start the armholes. So a total of 11 rows (counting the cast off) makes the shoulders. I also will fall in the dimensions as the pattern says 4.5cm for the shoulders.
Thank you so very much for your help! Much appreciated!

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I have finished the waistcoat and I need to sew studs buttons on it. I have never sewn these types of buttons before. Do I need to sew them only using one thread or as many threads as the button’s holes. Thank you for your help!


That waistcoat is darling! Not easy to tell bottom from top in this pattern but you did it.
Because it’s for a baby, it would be best to use all the holes to attach the snap. You want it to be really secure as everything ends up in the baby’s mouth.

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It can be one thread per button or more than one thread. Just tie off between each group of wraps.

My mom always looped from one hole another with a few wraps each like I show with my colored lines. Knot the thread for each span before looping to the next hole. That way if one section breaks the others will not unravel.


Thank you! This is very useful :+1: