Help with baby leg warmers

My sister is having her first baby! She has fallen in love with baby leg warmers as seen on this sight:

It seems like it would be expensive to buy multiple pairs of these, and I was hoping to find a pattern so that I could make some for her. I’m not having any luck. Any suggestions?

Check out patterns for legwarmers and knit them with smaller needles and thinner yarn. There’s some for children, I know.

If you google “knitting patterns for leg warmers” you will get lots of sites to look at. Also, try (the ever popular) knitting pattern central…good luck!

Or, if you know how to sew, there’s a fabulous, detailed tutorial on how to make babylegs from knee socks here. :smiley:

Hi Allie - I just found a great pattern at & joined this forum so I could let you know :0)

Oooh, Allie! Thanks for starting this topic! I have a friend who is pregnant and she sent me the link for those Baby Legs too. She loves them! I’m planning on making her some as well. Thanks for the ideas everyone :slight_smile:

Thanks for the legwarmer link…
Great Blog !!!
My Daughter just asked me to make some !!!