Help with baby bootie

Hi all…I am new her to the forum…and love it

I have been knitting for about a year now - but this is my first attempt at baby booties.

I am worked the ripped cuff and then am starting to work the eyelet round for the ankle - I am starting with 30 stitches and it goes down to 28 but I can’t see to get it.

(k2togyo) 7 times - which I understand then sk2p (slip 1 st knitwise, k2tog, pass slipped st over k2tog,) k2tog,yo repeat to last st, slip sk knitwise, - I think up until this point I am good. Here is were I think I messing up slip 1 st from next needle, pass first slip st over last st and replace st on next neddle.

it might be hard to understand this any advice would be great

thank you

The last stitch on your right needle is a slipped stitch, correct? Slip a stitch from your left needle to the right needle and put the slipped stitch (the one that you slipped first) over it and then put it back on the left need.e