help with baby bib instructions

I want to make the Bernat Handicrafter Cotton Baby Knit Bibs and Booties. To make the bib the instructions say to cast on 17 sts and Knit 1st Row. Next is the part I don’t understand .
Beg with purl row, proceed in stocking st and **cast on 5 sts at beg of next 4 rows
** How do you cast on after you have already started knitting in purl stitch.

Pattern can be found on It says it’s easy but I’m going to need help with the whole pattern. I hope some can help me, please.

This is a carefully guarded secret known only to a few (million?) people. :yum: You’ll actually be doing your first cast on at the end of that first purl row. Here’s a tip I don’t think you’ll find in tutorials: Cast on an extra stitch and knit or purl the last stitch of the row and the first cast on stitch together to avoid a gap or hole. In this case you’d cast on 6 sts, turn, k or p 5, then k2tog or p2tog and work across the rest of the row. Repeat the whole process from cast on as many times as needed.


Thank you so much for the help. You really “Wowed” me!

:heart_eyes: You’re more than welcome. You know what? If I helped you get going on this it makes my day! This is a technique you’ll use again and again in different projects. Enjoy! And please post photos. We do love pictures!

Here is a video that should help

Thank you so much for the video. That was helpful. I actually had many
questions on this pattern and when I couldn’t find answers or videos I
fumbled my way through and finished the bib. Picture will be posted soon
but my bib didn’t turn out well. I know that I will never knit this bib
again. I do think instructions could have been more detailed…or
maybe I need to learn more! I thought this was kind of difficult myself.

OK. So here’s the bib! I have yet to find a button and attach a button
hole. But the knitting around the outside of bib curls up so I know I
didn’t do the corners right. What’s funny is the bottom curls up leaving a
little ledge to catch the food!LOL

It’s darling! I like the lovely colors and the curl is perfect for dinnertime. It’s really a wonderful bib and baby (and family) will love it.

Thanks. As for the coloring the yarn is Bernat Cottontots. They don’t make it anymore. I was making it for a shower gift but I don’t know whether to give it or not. It’s not my best work. Oh, well, it’s hand made. Do you know if there is any way to keep the colors from fading since it is cotton?

I think it’s really cute and don’t see anything wrong with it!! Great job!!!


You are too kind. Wait till you all see how much it curls up when I close it! You will all get a good laugh! that is a promise!

Here’s your laugh for the day…as promised!

It’ll be the hit of the shower! Love it.

The bib is really sweet. I’m sure it will be a very welcome gift.

Here’s a recipe for setting colors in cotton yarn. I tried it on something I gave away recently. I don’t know for experience how effective it is.

If you have yarn left Grandma’s Favorite Dishcloth makes a great washcloth and is easy.


Sorry I missed this before. Thank you so much. Can’t wait to try it!