Help with Armhole and neck scoop.

Hi I’m working on a scoopneck pattern. I’ve divided tbe scoop. I’m confused with the following instructions and not sure how to proceed. * Work 4 more decreases at armhole edge on right side of work and at the same time cast off 3 sts twice, then 2 sts three times at scoop edge. Work even on these 10 sts until armhole measures 7 1/2 inches, from beginning of armhole shaping ending with the right side facing. Cast off. Please provide me with simple step by step instructions. Thank you.

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Decrease at the armhole on RS (right side) rows 1,3,5,7. On the neck edge bind off 3 sts on row 2, 3sts on row 4, 2sts on row 6, 2sts on row 8 and 2sts on row 10. You’ll be decreasing at the beginning of the RS rows (maybe a knit row) and binding off sts at the beginning of the WS (wrong side) rows (maybe a purl row).
What is the name of your pattern?

It’s an old 80s pattern Bouquet Cotten Look Cindy 727 scoopneck suntop that I started and never finished.

Good for you for finishing up this project. Sounds lovely.
If you’ve never worked a sloped bind off this is a nice way to avoid the stair step that the usual bind gives you.

How many stitches do I decrease on rows 1 through 7 ?