Help with appliqués

Hello fellow crafting friends !!

Wishing you all a Happy and Blessed 2020 !! I was wondering if anyone can help me… I would like to add some felt appliqués to some charity blankets just to brighten them up and make the recipients feel a little extra special. My first question is if I use the steam and seam backing for appliqué placement and then add steam, does the knitted square HAVE to be wool ? Could I do it on acrylic ? Has anyone used a tacking glue and then blanket stitched around it ? If you’ve used a tacking permanent glue, may I ask which one you used ? Third, some people say they wash the sheets before using them… is that necessary?

I want to thank you for your time for reading this… any and all help will be incredibly appreciated !!
Stay warm… best wishes Ollie

I’ve never added appliques but it’s a lovely idea. I have backed intarsia blankets however. For that, I wash the backing, sew it to the knitted piece all around the edges and then tack it in the center and halfway to the edges with lengths of yarn.

Thank you for your reply !! I appreciate your help !! I’m sorry I didn’t see your reply and thank you sooner :blush: