Help with Anny Blatt Christophe jumper

Am starting with the sleeve and size 6-9 maths.
Have done 2 purl rows and when I start the first cable row there are not enough stitches to finish the row. The pattern is not easy to work out and I am an experienced knitter.
Can’t progress any further without help, please.


You can quote a couple of rows and give us your stitch count if you think it will help. Don’t post a large portion of the pattern due to designer copyright please.

Is there a chart for the cables? Sometimes there are marks on a chart showing different starting points for each size.

Looks like a challenging project – in a good way – cables and colourwork and a bit of crochet too!

Thanks for replying
image0.jpegSection of pattern and I am doing S2 size. There aren’t enough sts to complete what is asked for after first two rows ie on the first cable row.

Thanks for looking.


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Hmm, it seems all the sizes are off on the stitch count. The increase in the cables on this row won’t help with the actual number of cast on sts although it may help with subsequent rows.

You can take out one stitch from the rev st st in the repeat to make the pattern work with 37sts. The row would begin with 2sts rev st st, the repeat would have 4sts rev st st and you would end with 3sts rev st st. Alternatively you could cast on 41sts, see if that will work with the size sleeve you want and see if it will work with the following rows.

I don’t see any corrections online but I’ve often had to find a work around Anny Blatt patterns


I will give this a go and see, but there is no chart!!
I maybe doing the sheep heads my way and not crochet!!

Thanks for all your help I will let you know how it works out. Good to know there are folk out there for help.



You’re the boss of this pattern. Good luck with it and please let us see a photo when you finish.

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Ive discovered that too. I once saw an Anny Blatt pattern that I covetted for so long. It was older. Very complex. The book it was in was long out of print. Then one day a miracle happened & the book appeared on ebay. I snapped it up & couldn’t wait to get it. When it got here I was crestfallen. One look & I knew that the one in the picture was not made the way the book said (I ran into that in a Rowan book once too).
So disappointing.