Help with an extra stitch at the beginning of a row

Hello everyone,
I’m a beginner trying to knit a scarf for my girlfriend, because it’s getting really cold around here, and I thought it would make her a bit warm for Christmas. cloud9

I’m knitting the basic ribbing (knit 2 purl 2 kind), I finished my last row and try joining a new yarn using the “Knit-and-Join” video, I think I accidentally manage to stitch an extra stitch in the beginning of my new row. I didn’t realize it only until I knit and purl 5 stitches.

So the next correct stitch should be a knit stitch, but my bottom row is a purl, so I’m off by a stitch.

I’m sorry if I made this sound complicated, I’m just not quite sure how to explain…

The question, is there a simple way to correct/remove that 1 extra stitch at the beginning? Should I continue knitting like usual and fix the extra stitch later when I’m finished? I’m afraid it would ruin everything because I’ve just finished my 2nd yarn…

Thanks very much for your time.

Warmest regards from South-East Asia!

Well, it depends on what you want to do and the situation. You could frog (unravel stitches back to a point where you can fix your mishap) the stitches or since this is a simple k2 p2 scarf you could simply stay in pattern and on the following row decrease (k2tog or p2tog wherever the additional stitch occurred) two of the three stitches on the end where the extra stitch shows up. K2tog and P2tog is a single decrease because you are joining two stitches to make one stitch (or lose one stitch). K2 p2 ribbing tends to curl at the sides so the extra stitch should not be noticeable.

Hi Katrina, thanks for your reply.
So after I unravel those 5 stitches, should I pick up those stitches as in “Fixing Mistakes: without unraveling rows and fixing a dropped stitch” video?

I might try doing this later, with or without the crotchet hook, wish me luck!

Oh and thanks very much again!

No, you just need to reverse knit or unpick those stitches. You should see when you come to the extra stitch you accidentally created. To unpick those stitches for the knit stitch hold the working yarn in back and with the left hand needle enter from the front into the stitch in the row below (not on the needle) and slip it back onto the left hand needle (pull out the working yarn coming from the skein), for the purl stitch hold the yarn in front and with the left needle enter from below (like your scooping) into the row below the stitches on the needle and place the stitch back onto the left hand needle (again pulling out the working yarn coming from the skein). I hope I am explaining this clearly, if not comeback someone might have explained it better than I am.

I like to use this method, generally for a small to medium amount of stitches, so I do not accidentally lose a stitch. Sometimes if you just pull your needle out of the stitches you wish to correct when you go back to pick them up with your needle you may accidentally drop and or lose a stitch or twist a stitch inadvertently that way.


Amazing! It worked like a charm!
Thanks so much Katrina, you don’t know how grateful I am! :woot:

Have the most brilliant time of the season! :hug: