Help with alix's lace prayer shawl


I hope someone can help me with this question about a pattern I’m working on. The pattern reads yo, 3-to-1 decrease, yo (K2tog,yo) three times, k3,yo. It’s the 3-to-1 decrease I don’t understand. Does that mean my yo, yo, K2tog, yo? That’s 3 increases to one decrease.

Thanks for you help.


The 3 to 1 decrease is explained in the pattern notes. It’s a slip 1, k2tog psso or sl 2, k1 psso decrease, one or the other.

Thanks for your help but I’m still a little confused. My pattern says nothing about psso. If you don’t mind here is what the whole pattern says:
[yo,k3,(yo,ssk)three times,yo 3-to-1 decrease, yo, (k2tog,yo)three times,k3,yo] I hope you don’t mind. It’s probably right there and easy to understand but I’m just not getting it. Thanks again for your help.


It’s in the beginning notes, not in the line itself. Here’s the pattern link -
and in the Beginning to Lace Knitting intro she explains it:

“The 3-to-1 decrease combines these steps: (1) insert your right needle into the next stitch on the left needle as if to knit that stitch, but instead just slip that stitch onto your right needle, (2) knit the next two stitches together, and then (3) lift up the slipped stitch and pass it over the newly made stitch.”

So it’s a slip 1, k2 together, psso decrease.

Thank you. I’ve never seen the slip l k2 tog, psso decrease written that way before. Thanks again. I feel like I have my own private yarn store right here at my computer. All I have to do is post a question and you help me out. I really appreciate it. Thanks again.


It’s just what she calls it as a shorthand way of putting it. I prefer sk2p which is more commonly used. Everyone here is willing to help out, I’ve just looked over that pattern and was familiar with the term she uses.