Help with adding border to blanket


I am a pretty new knitter and am working on this hooded blanket:
see link below somewhere

I have done all the stocking stitch, attached the hood and (after much frustration!) picked up all the stiches all around the edge ready to add the border. However, I think I need to continue knitting in rows, not the round, to work the border in rib as the pattern suggests, but don’t know how to do this without leaving a gap in my stiches at the turnaround point…

Also, I know how to increase striches, but have only done so when working in sticking stitch where I was knitting a row rather that mixing stitches. I’m not sure how to do this in rib…

Please can anyone give me any pointers?


You can knit the border in the round or you can knit it back and forth. As you realize, doing it back and forth will mean that you have a small seam to finish at the end. Either way will work.
The pattern may tell you how to increase (probably at the corners so the edging will lie flat). If not, you could increase in the purl sts of the ribbing where it will be less noticeable, at least on the front. When you increase, keep to the rib pattern and don’t let the increases change the pattern (for a k2p2 rib you would increase so that there’s k2p3k2p2 etc. for example).
What is the name of the pattern? On how many rows do you need to increase and where?

that’s great - thanks!

The pattern is the hooded blanket on the “Thrifty Knitter” Website - I’m not allowed to post links yet :frowning:

I tried doing a sample of broken rib with increases in it but it looked rubbish so am trying it with a border of garter and seeing that turns out…

You should be able to put in a link with your next post.

This it?

Garter st should work very well for the border and the increases. In this situation you can also do whatever st you want (rib, broken rib, seed st etc.) by arranging the sts so that you have a knit st on the front at each corner. Then increase on either side of this st and keep the increase sts and the center st as knit sts or incorporate the increases into the border pattern as you wish. I don’t mind the break in the border at the corners if the sts are left as knit sts.

Thank you. I messed up the garter stitch - goodness knows how! so I’ve had to pull bck what I’ve done.

I’m going to knit a sample square and try adding on the broken rib border as planned on a smaller scale now that you have given me that pointer about the increase…I’ll let you know how successful I am!!

So, I never cracked the broken rib, round a corner, increase business…hopefully one day it will click!

However, in the meantime, I did manage to complete this with a garter stitch border and I’m really pleased with the result! :slight_smile:

Thanks all for your hints, tips and time