Help with a School Project!

Hello, I am a student doing a research project on knitting. I am trying to get some general info on the habits of knitters; how long people have been knitting, where they get supplies, where they get inspiration, etc. The assignment is to have people fill out a form and then take that information and interpret it. If you are interested, I would really appreciate the help! The survey is pretty quick (1-3min) and is listed below:

Feel free to direct message me if that is easier!
Thanks in advance!



Hope your project goes well.

Thank you! I appreciate the encouragement!

Done. It’s good you’re taking an interest in this. Are you a knitter?

Thank you for all the support! I am getting a lot of great information. I am not a knitter but I HAVE crocheted a scarf once. However, all this research and seeing such cool knitted projects makes me wonder if I should grab some yarn and give it a go!



You should! Crochet is good too. I love crocheting.

Hello everyone, I have turned the survey off. Thanks again for the help!

I filled it in the other day; I think you should give knitting a go!

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