Help with a pattern

I have a pattern of a bat that I’d like to make the bat a different color while keeping the background the original color I started with. But I’m not sure where in the pattern to switch colors to do this. Can anyone help…

Hi and welcome!
Can you give us a link to the pattern or the pattern name?

I found it on its called batty washcloth it think . I’d tried to attach it but my phone isn’t wanting to work right

Maybe this?

Thats close but this one is one purple yarn. I found it on

I found that one at the site you said, there’s more than one. Maybe this one.

Yea Thats the one.

If you’ve never done charted knitting, it may confuse you a little, but if you look for videos on how to do Fair Isle it’ll help you a lot. Where the pattern has a purl, use the other color you want. It really is that simple, but you may want to decide how to carry the other color; most of the time on something two-sided, it’s better to use separate bobbins or butterflies rather than drag a long float. That will mean twisting the yarn so it won’t leave a hole and making sure you drop the unused yarn to the back.

On things like purses and tote bags, a lining can cover long floats so you don’t have to worry as much, and double knitting will let you do a reverse-color pattern, but those ideas may be for later.

Ok thanks I’ll give it a try