Help with a pattern please!

Hi Everyone,
I’m new to the site, so glad I found it! I’ve just started a scarf in “Luxury Yarn One Skein Wonders” by Judith Durant, (Silk Delight Scarf in the book) and it has alternating rectangles. I’ve decreased as it says, and for the next row I need to "cast on 18 stitches at the beginning of row, knit 19. You now have 37 stitches."
I can’t figure out how to cast on at the beginning of the row, and leave the stitches unknit. The following row is K18,P1,K18, so it seems those new 18 stitches are being knit for the first time.
Thanks for any help!

Yes, you would knit them after you CO. Look at the cast on videos for knit or cable COs, use one of them, then knit the new sts and the old ones on the same row. There may be something missing in the pattern. There is one correction for the book (halfway down this page - but it’s not for that pattern.

Thank you so much! Reading patterns is my downfall! Now back to the scarf…

Think of it as casting on stitches to the end of the previous row, then knit back across them on the next row. It makes more sense that way. :slight_smile: