Help with a pattern please

Hi all, I’m knitting my first sweater (and first pattern I’ve attempted to follow), but I am getting confused with the instructions for the sleeves, this is the section of the pattern, my question is below :slightly_smiling_face:

Keeping patt correct and working increased sts in patt inc 1 st
at each end of 3rd and 2 [0: 0: 0] foll alt rows, then on
6 [10: 9: 6] foll 4th rows then on 0 [0: 1: 4] foll 6th rows.
48 [52: 56: 60] sts.
Cont straight in patt until sleeve measures 23 [27: 31: 35]cm,
9 [10½: 12¼: 13¾]in, ending with a ws row.

I’m working the 2nd size. I think have to inc 1 stitch at the each end of 3rd alt row, but I’m unsure how many rows I do that for until I switch to 4th following rows. The more I read it the more confused I get so any help would be massively appreciated. Thank you x

Welcome to the forum!
These are often confusing directions. Increase one stitch at each end of row 3 and then rows 7,11,15,19,23,27,31,35,39 and 43. Skip over an directions that has a 0 (or a - or x) for your size and proceed directly to the next instruction.
I like to work the increased sts as knit stitches and then incorporate them into the pattern on the following row.
What is the name of your pattern?

Oh gosh thank you, that is so helpful! Yeah they are confusing, it doesn’t help I suppose that maths is my nemesis!

Its this one, zigzag fair-isle sweater. The kids one

Thank you again! :blush:

Striking pattern! Thank you for the link. Please let us see a photo when you finish.

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