Help with a pattern In Interweave Knits Magazine

This pattern is called Al Fresco Camisole and the part I need help with is the cast on .It says to cast on 79 stitches( smallest size) as foll: CO 16 stitches, switch back and front tails, Cast on 3 stitches, switch tails,CO 3 stitches, switch tails, CO 3 stitches,switch tails Cast on 29 stitches, rep fromto once,CO 16 stitches. At this point the cast on is finished and the you start knitting in moss stitch. I under stand from the picture that there should be two Cast on 3 stitches areas separated by 3 stitches in between the Cast on 3 stitches, switch tails area. Is this a mistake in the cast on?

It’s pretty specific, so I doubt it’s a mistake. Maybe you use 2 colors to cast on and that’s why you’re ‘switching’ tails.

Here’s a link to some pictures. Would switching working yarn and long tail yarn in long tail cast on give you this pattern?

I understand that the 3 cast on 3 switching tails doesn’t look like the picture of it. The two rows of the chained stitch that eventually becomes the straps but the instructions say to cast on that area I tried to 3 times, not two. I tried to try out the pattern with some yarn leftover from the bag I gave to a friend that had been here last weekend. But the switching tails is not clear to me. using a separate ball of yarn might work but I didn’t have another ball of yarn to try it.
I would like to make this for my daughter-in-law for this Christmas coming up but I will definitely practice this pattern many times to get it mastered I guess.

Switching the yarn tails is what gives you that twist at the chained sts. You might achieve the same effect by CO 16, twist the sts around the R needle, CO 3, twist the sts, co 3, twist the sts, CO on 29 etc.

If you’re on Ravelry, you might contact the people who madeit and see how they handled this.