Help with a patchwork blanket

Hello! So I’m going to try to make an blanket out of squares, where each square will represent a book i love! I’m not really sticking to a pattern, but I was hoping to find a simple (and free) pattern that’s just the basics on how to make a patchwork blanket like this, but I haven’t found one. The things I think I really need help with are how to put the squares together, (i know there are different methods) and what to do about the back. I want to do colorwork on some of the squares, so I don’t think the back of the knitting would look very nice as the back of the blanket.

Does anyone have any good pattern links I could reference, or perhaps just some tips?
Thank you!

I like this idea! it’ll be fun to work and always a nice reminder of your favorite books.
You could crochet the edges together. That makes a nice edging and even if you don’t do much crochet, it’s pretty easy to follow a video for joining squares. If there’s going to be color work, you may want to back those squares.
Another way is to join the way Eunny Jang does in this video. She shows a couple of ways towards the end and also talks about what to do with slightly different size squares. In that case you might want to back the entire blanket and then tack it a several places to keep the lining up against the squares.

It looks like the video that follows may be helpful too.


Oh wow thank you this is all very helpful!! But what exactly do you mean by backing?

A lining. I followed these steps although I washed the blanket and lining material before putting it all together.

I am sorry I can’t help you with your question. Not experienced. But I wanted to say what a fabulous idea! Please post even when one square completed. Would be great to see how you depict your books! Very creative!

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You might find dishcloth pattern give you ideas. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of free ones around. I like the idea of curling up under a book-themed afghan for an evening of reading.

Salmonmac, thank you for the tutorial, and I’m sorry for all the questions, but do you know of any tutorials for doing a knitted backing? Could I just make twice the amount of squares and attach them back to back, then put them together from there?

Thank you Bluejaygirl!!! I’ll be uploading pictures on my Ravelry if you want to look there :D The square on there doesn’t have anything to do with a book, haha, it was just fun to make, but I have made one with dragon scales for the hobbit, and I’m doing a lamppost now for Narnia! I’ll have more pictures up soon!

And thanks for the suggestion, Becky, I actually was already looking at a lot of dishcloth patterns!

You could do a knit backing but depending on the yarn weight, it might make the afghan too heavy. Certainly joining squares back to back will work.
You could also do double knitting for some of the squares but again, you’ll have double thickness.
There’s some links and a discussion of double knitting here: