Help with a Noro pattern


What does the following instructions mean?
Cont to dec in this way at each end of 3 foll 4th rows.


Hi, it just means to continue decreasing the same way at each end of the next 3 x 4th rows. Work 3 rows then decrease on the next row, work the next 3 rows then decrease again on the following row …and do this once again.
Hope this helps, enjoy your knitting :grinning:


So, now I am at increasing. After increase row it says “cont to inc in this way at each end of 3 foll 6 th rows.”

Is increase row #1 (right side) and then increase after 3 or do I go to 6 and then after 3?



Hi, you need to work 5 rows then increase on the 6th row x 3