Help with a loom knit slipper sock pattern

Hello! I am not sure if I am doing this right. I am working on teh knifty knitter adult slipper sock patter pattern. I think it is in the booklet that comes with the looms? Well, it is the heel part that is my problem I have 3 empty pegs on the left side and 3 empty pegs on the right if the loom is in my lap. Try9ing to describe this the best way I can since I am blind. Anyway, when I put the loops back on as instructed, it leaves holes on either side of where I put the loops back on. Do I sew that up once the slipper sock is off the loom? And, if you are family with the pattern, that would help a lot if not, I don’t mind someone helping me privately with this since I am worry about copy right issue with posting the part I am stuck with on here. Thanks for any advice anyone can goffer.

There are sometimes problems with holes at the heel when knitting socks with needles. Sometimes this can be fixed by picking up an extra stitch and then knitting two sts togther or by working into the back of a stitch at the hole. This will tighten up the stitch and decrease the hole.
It may be that the hole you’re talking about on the loom is larger, however. You can post a line or two of the pattern without getting into copyright problems if you wish.
@Loomgirl has just finished a lovely pair of slipper socks. Perhaps she can help out here, too.

Good morning and thank you! Here is the part where I am having trouble with. Maybe someone here can explain this better to me so I know what I am doing. I took what I had started on my loom out last night so I want to restart this again. Here is the part where I need help with so I can understand what I am doing better and again, thank you for your help. You now have 3 open pegs on each side of your heel. Reach
inside the loom, and place five loops on the edge of the heel
onto the empty pegs. Center three edge loops on the open
pegs, and the first and last loops on pegs 4, 9, 13, and 24,
which are on either side of the empty pegs, and will now
have two loops to knit as one
Photo shows the left side of the heel after the heel edge
stitches are placed onto the loom.

Peg 4 is now the beginning peg. Finish the round by
wrapping peg 5 to end peg, where you can now hitch your
yarn. Continue knitting in the round as usual until you reach
your desired foot length.

WYou’ve just finished the heel. There are stitches along the edge of the heel that are forming the sides of the heel. you need to pick up 3 of those sritches, one at a time and place them on the empty pegs. Pick up both loops of the srirch and place it on the empty peg. Treat the two loops as one and lift both over and off on the next rpw. When you have the 3 pegs on each side of the heel filled you will have filled in rhe empty spaces.

When i first started looming my slipper socks i wasn’t what to do at this point either but all you do is take a loop from the bottom and one on each of the empty pegs as well as one on the pegs on both sides of the empty pegs. Hope this helps. YouTube explained it very well

If I could see how they are doing it in the youtube videos, it would help but I am blind so it makes it a little hard to understand.



Yes, I was hoping that my text and the audio might help out with the explanation.
It’s like making the gusset on a sock, the portion that connects the side of the heel stitches to the body of the sock.

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