Help with a hat pattern

I’m knitting a hat with a 10 1/2, 24" circular needle. I’ve come to the part where you decrease by knitting 2 together for x amount of rows. The pattern states to switch to dpns when necessary. Can I use a small circ. such as a 11 or 12" to finish?
If I have to use dpn’s I will have to go and get some. Do I still use a 10 1/2? I don’t mind getting some because I’ll probably need them in the future if I make any more circular hats.
Hope I explained this okay.

You’ll probably get to the point where you will need dpns, or need to use magic loop or two circs to accommodate the stitches at the top of the hat, since most hats get down to very few.

Finishing off a hat is the best way to learn to use dpns, too. You’d stay with the same size needle, as well.

Thank you. I’ll try the dpns.

Or try two circulars.