Help with a hat i'm test knitting

(starting with 72 stitches) “Round 11 - p1, [k1, p2tog] until two sts before marker, k1, sl 1 st to Right Needle, Remove Marker, sl st back to Left Needle, p2tog, PM – 16 (18, 22, 24) sts decreased.”

so does that mean… p1 only once, and then do the [k1, p2tog] part repeatedly (until the back/forth with the marker)?

nevermind, i got it, and GG confirmed it for me. all done! :wink:

YIKES! It must be wrong. :roflhard:

Good for you! Did you weave in ends even? I need to weave in ends on sox, a scarf…

yup, even the ends woven in. need to take daylight pix of it and give the designer feedback. will do that sometime tomorrow through friday. :wink:

it weighs in at 3 oz, about 156 yards. mostly size 7 needles. if i made it again, it’d be more beanie than slouchy. i’d either skip half the ribbing at the bottom, or make its middle row all knit, so it had a clear fold line… and i’d skip a lot of the crown repeat rows, as they’re just extra height, and what you really want is horizontal shaping for the top of head. but all in all an easy knit once i figured out the new-to-me one-column cabling, with help. :wink: