Help with a dog sweater please!

hi, i have been knitting for years, but can only understand pretty basic patterns. i am trying to knit the i-matey dog sweater (free from, and i don’t understand the leg part (below). i’ve put the part i understand in italic, and the part i don’t understand is underlined.

[B]Shape Leg Openings and Place Chart:[/B]
[I]1st row: K4 (5-6-10). Cast off next 4 (5-6-9) sts. K8 (12-14-27) (including st on needle after cast off).
Work Chart A (A-B-B) across next 20 (20-26-26) sts reading row from right to left. K8 (12-14-27). Cast off next 4 (5-6-9) sts. Knit to end of row. [/I]

[B]Note:[/B] [I]All Leg Sections are worked at the same time using a separate ball of yarn for each section (keeping continuity of chart throughout). [/I] [U]Beg with a purl row work 1 (1½-2-2½) ins [2.5 (4-5-6) cm] even from cast off sts (keeping continuity of chart), ending with RS facing for next row. [/U]

does this mean that the stitches before the cast off are put on a stitch holder or moved from one needle to the next? or am i supposed to knit them as well?

if someone can help me that would be greatly appreciated! :cheering:

Sounds just like the instructions for the Patons Dogosaurus Rex. It was confusing. They mean for you to work with 3 balls so you can make the holes all at once. But it’s too confusing & cumbersome. On the dividing row (the one you c.o. few stitches twice to make leg holes) I simply knit to the first b.o., put the 1st part on stitch holders, b.o. the needed stitches for first leg, middle chest set of stitches on another stitch holder, b.o. for 2nd leg and k in pattern to the end.

Then I finished each of the 3 sections and when the leg holes were large enough, I c.o. to close the leg hole (same # of stitches no doubt as you b.o.) and then everything is back to one piece. A backwards e cast on or cable cast on looks best, but if you do a ribbing on the legs later (see pic below) it won’t matter, it gets covered up.

Either way will give you same results, but I don’t like working with 3 balls of yarn at once.

Oh, and welcome to KH! I miss Canada!

thank you for your help! and for the link to that adorable sweater! :slight_smile: that is going to be next on my list to make.

If you’re on Ravelry check out my dog sweaters tab & some good books in my library too ;o)