Help - where to put beads in?

Hi everyone,
I am knitting the Cosmos Shrug from Sarah Hatton’s Vintage Inspired Projects, and got stuck in beading.

In the left front piece of the shrug, an edge is designed which is made of the following 4 rows:
Row 1: K to last 5 sts, then P1, Pb, P1, K2
Row 2: K1, P1, K1, P1, K1, P to end
Row 3: K to last 5 sts, then P1, K1, P1, K1, P1,
Row 4: as Row 2

There is no instruction of where to put the beads in. Which rows and which stitches am I supposed to put the beads in? I’ve tried to put it in a few places but none looks exactly right like the photo on the model… I am really stuck here, any help is appreciated!!


There should be an explanation or key for stitches that includes the “Pb” in row 1, which is telling you where to place the bead. Pre-string the beads you’ll need (or up to about 30 beads) onto your yarn and work the beginning of row 1. When you come to the last 5 sts, P1, slide a bead up to the right needle and incorporate it into the next purl st, the Pb, then P1, K2. Repeat this as you repeat the 4 row pattern.

The ‘Pb’ is where you place the bead, whether you prestring them, or use a hook to draw the yarn through the bead.

Many thanks to both!

Does Pb stands for:
Bead and Purl normally, or
Bead and Purl to the back of the loop?

Very confused… !

I found a picture on-line of the front piece… attached.

I can’t see tha atachment but to add the bead, just slip it up to the needle and purl as you normally would. The ‘b’ is just telling you it’s time for a bead, not a purl through the back loop. This is a good way to secure a bead, that is on a purl stitch with other purl sts because it will stay in place pretty well. It’s not likely to slip to the back.

It just means ‘place bead’ and it might not be a purl stitch. Looking at the rest of the row which alternates knits and purls, it may well be a knit stitch. The ‘b’ is bead and not tbl. Your pattern will explain how to do it - whether it’s done as a knit or purl.

I see… I completely misunderstood the instructions!

Will try when I get home this evening… can’t wait…

Thank you both so much for your kindness…

It’s really encouraging to know there are warm-hearted knitting experts there… wherever you are… thank you!

Mei. x:woot:

Tried and success! So happy…!:cheering:

Thank you so much to both…