Help!! What's my gauge

This swatch is really hard for me to see my gauge; a. It’s dark yarn b. It looks like it consists of 2 strands of yarn tightly twisted together and it changes color thru out. One strand is dark purple, the other shifts from blue to black. I think it’s a worsted weight. My swatch starts with 4 rows garter over 30 sts. Then knit stockinette with a 4 st garter at each edge. Can y’all see my gauge & enlighten me?!?

Sometimes it’s easier to put a straight pin next to a stitch, measure 2 or 4 inches with the edge of the ruler and put in another straight pin. Then count the sts between (without the ruler). If you have a strong light or direct sunlight, use it. You can even stretch out the swatch since the pins are marking the original length.

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Great idea👍 I’ll try that!!