Help! What size to knit?


I am knitting a tank top which has size chart as below:

To fit: 81[86;91;97;102;107)cm (and respective in inches)

I presume this is bust size? On measuring, my bust turns out to be 104cm… So which size do I chose?!

The actual measurements are given as 75[81;85;92;95;101]cm - I take it this is the bust measurement of the garment when laid flat?

Further, there is a pattern note which states the “vest is designed to be a snug fit”. Adding further confusion to my size choice!

I don’t want to knit the smaller size and find its too tight, nor the larger size and find its too baggy! My tension swatch (22sts x 28rows over 10cm on 4mm needles) was spot on - what would happen if I knitted the smaller size but on slightly larger needles?

Any opinions would be much appreciated! I am new here and desperate to get started on this project, so must be honest I haven’t looked for any similar threads! I look forward to reading other posts and gleaning some tips… In the meantime, dinner isn’t going to cook itself…

Thanks in advance…:wink:

If you have a pattern name and link it would help a lot when asking questions. If you give us that it’ll help us answer you better.

I don’t know the corresponding numbers in inches w/o looking them all up unfortunately. However, one of the measurements given is probably the final dimensions…which would be after it’s done and blocked (or washed). It should tell you which is which on the pattern. If your gauge swatch was the same then I’d go with the the final measurement that seems closest to your measurements and the fit you’d like.

I suggest you find a tank you like the fit of and measure that.

If your swatch still falls between sizes after you’ve washed and blocked it, I would recommend going with a smaller (as opposed to a larger) size. With most yarns, it’s much easier to stretch them a little rather than shrink them a little (or so I’ve read). But you can test this theory out with a couple of swatches and see what you think.

If it’s supposed to be a snug fit, choose the [I]finished measurement[/I] that’s slightly smaller than you measure. To find that out, divide the sts in the gauge into the total number of sts given at the bust. The CO may be at the lower edge which would be wider and you decrease to get the bust size. That’s why knowing which pattern it is can help instead of use guessing - just looking at a picture of it can see if it’s flared or not.