Help - what do these abbrevaitions mean

P6sn join in sh, P12sh and incsh

I’ve just started knitting again after many years and this has got me stumped, any help appreciated.


:shrug: I started with the glossary here, googled, looked at a number of sites and my curiosity just got greater. What are you knitting? Can you link to the pattern or post a few lines from it? Maybe somewhere in your pattern they tell what sn and sh mean, maybe even incsh which I took to be increase sh. If the pattern is online you might have to have a couple more posts to post the link.

The glossary helps, but with old patterns or culturally different ones it helps if we know the name of the pattern and a link if you can.

Hi I’m knitting a whippet, the pattern is in a book called Best in Show. i’ve searched the internet too but no luck. I’m knitting a back leg??

In looking at the picture it appears you’re probably knitting in two colors. Could the colors be abbreviated sn and sh? If so then this is what it looks like to me. Does it make sense with the pattern?

P6sn- purl 6 in color sn
Join in color sh
P12sh- purl 12 in color sh
Incsh- increase in color sh

Cute pattern. Here is the page with errata

Yes, check at the beginning of the pattern, maybe even in Materials to see if sh and sn are defined.

Hi all

Mystery solved, I emailed the aithors of the book and the sn and sh refer to the colours of the wool. Feel a bit daft now but thanks for all your help, no doubt I’ll be asking for more help at some stage. Great site!


Silly way to put it - why couldn’t they just say color A and color B.

Glad I had the right answer, but I agree with Sue. Weird way to list the colors!!