Help! Weaving in tails

I’ve watched a couple of videos on how to weave in the tails of your knitting when you’re doing a 1x1 rib. But the yarn keeps unraveling and poking out! I’m unsure of what to do. Please help!

Those tiny little bits are going to stick out no matter what. I bury mine in the back of the work, in a seam, or somewhere they won’t be noticed. As long as they’re very well secured by weaving through a few inches of stitches, you can pull the end slightly and clip it off so it springs back into the work. You can use a yarn needle and stick the end through the yarn itself so it disappears, but there’s bound to be a tiny end somewhere.

Also, if it’s wool, the end will eventually felt into the yarn beside it.

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Thank you so much! I was so worried it was going to somehow come undone! Haha.