Help, very basic advice needed

Okay I know this is basic stuff but ive never knitted from a pattern before and am stuck already! I am going to put the exact text from my pattern below:

“Shape Shoulders
Cast off 8 (9:9:10) sts at beg of next 2 rows.
34 (36:39:41) sts.
Cast off 9 (10:10:11) sts at beg of next 2 rows.
Cast off rem 16 (16:19:19) sts.”

Okay, so my jumper is 57 stitches wide, the maths don’t seem to add up (my size jumper is the first number in the brackets), also what does the “37 (36:39:41)sts” section refer to… what do it do with 34 stitches??! It doesn’t say knit them, or cast them off… and if does mean cast off 36 stitches it still doesn’t add up! I really hope you can help me, I was just getting into it.

Thanks kyra.

The numbers in the brackets are how many stitches you should have left after each set of decreases.

If you’re starting with 57, and you bind off 9 at the beginning of the next two rows, that’ll leave you with 39, even though the pattern says that you should have 36 for your size. So there could be a mistake, but not a big one.

So let’s say you have 39, then you’ll bind off 10 on each of the next two rows and that will leave you with 19, even though they say 16.

Then just bind off those 19. It’ll be fine.

Thanks so much! it is so obvious now. I think ive done something a bit wrong but it is my first attempt so I will carry on!

Thanks again.