Help understanding this pattern and technique

Hi, I recently purchased this pattern “cleverly curious clogs”. My plan was for christmas gifts but I have not knitted enough different techniques to understand this. I do understand how to do the short row and wrap which is called for but I am having trouble understanding how to continue afterwards. This is what the pattern says for example…

row 6: k12, wrap and turn (12/30 sts)
row 7: p9, wrap and turn (39/3 sts)
row 8: k7, wrap and turn (10/32 sts)

what I need help understanding is I do row 6 and wrap and turn the work. Now, when I turn, I just purl the 9 and wrap and turn again to do the knit 7 wrap and turn? I am just confused because I don’t understand what to do with the stitches still on the needle or if I am doing this all wrong. I am sorry I am so lost but if someone could help me understand I would really appreciate it. I don’t want to keep working and then have to undo and start over. Thanks, Brandy

Your understanding is correct. The leftover stitches will be knit later on - short rows are used for shaping. See this article - Short rows at knitty