Help understanding Peter easy vest pattern

I am planning to knit a men’s vest using this pattern.
This is my first big and I want to make sure I understand the pattern correctly.


[I]End on RS
[/I]Does it mean should I stop after knitting the right side or after knitting the wrong side row? If I am doing stockinette stitch, should I stop after the knit row or the purl row?

[I]Change to larger needles
[/I]Should I slip the stitches from one needle to another knitwise or purlwise?

[I]dec 20(20-22-22-24) sts evenly spaced across – 82(90-100-108-118) sts

[/I]I do k2tog after every 5 stitch?

[B][I]Shaping armholes:[/I][/B]

[I]Bind off 6(6-7-8-9) sts at beg of the next 2 rows – 70(78-86-92-100) sts

[/I]Why only beginning of rows? Won’t this make the piece asymmetric?

[I]Dec 1 st each side every RS row 8(10-11-12-14) times – 54(58-64-68-72) sts[/I]
I decrement only on RS and not WS?

Trouble starts when I come to [I][B]Front. [/B][/I]I just don’t understand what I am supposed to do.

[I]Shape Armholes and V-Neck: Next Row (RS): Bind off 6(6-7-8-9) sts, work until there are 34(38-42-45-49) sts on RH needle, sl center 2 sts onto holder, join another ball of yarn and k to end. Work both sides at once[/I].

As the pattern continues, it becomes all the more complicated. Is there a tutorial which I can use?

I don’t think I can answer all of your questions, but I’ll give it a shot. :slight_smile:

[COLOR=Red]You’re working from bottom to top, so when you get to the V-neck you put those two center stitches (bottom of the ‘V’) on a holder (safety pin or waste yarn or whatever) and then knit the right shoulder and left shoulder separately with separate balls of yarn. [/COLOR]

[I]dec 20(20-22-22-24) sts evenly spaced across – 82(90-100-108-118) sts

[/I]I do k2tog after every 5 stitch?

Which size are you making? Your method wont give you enough decreases for any of the sizes. You would need to do something like k3, k2tog for the smallest size, or k4, k2tog for the largest. The ones in between you can do k3, k2tog, with an occasional k4 between the decs. Take the number of sts you’re starting with and divide by the number you need to decrease (20-22-22-24). Then subtract 2 and that will tell you how many to knit before the k2tog.

As for the front, trying to figure it out in your head will drive you crazy. It’s a lot easier to see how it will all work out once you get to that point when you have the yarn and needles in your hands. Just take it all one step at a time and it won’t be as hard as you think.

Thanks a lot. Abbily, now I understand what the holder means and why I need it. Also, the asymmetric part - I am so stupid, I didn’t realize it :slight_smile:

suzeeq, I didn’t pay enough attention. Of course, I have to do k3 k2tog! Thanks for the suggestion, I will start off and will cross the bridge when I come to it.

Ivy, as good as the computer is for getting your questions answered, Knitting Help is fabulous, a really good knitting book with pictures is something you should really have. I have three, and it’s great to be able to pull one out and look up something, and follow along with the pictures. Not to say they’ll tell you everything. I came to KH because I was really frustrated with something, and needed further assistance. These folks are great.

Thanks for the tips, Debkcs, I will look out for knitting books when I visit my bookstore.

You’re welcome, Ivy. BTW, you’re not stupid, just new to this craft. Stupid is NOT asking questions and abandoning a project. Can’t tell you how many skeins of yarn I have or have had because people don’t have the patience to figure stuff out.

Exactly! There are no stupid questions here! :slight_smile:

Update: I am almost done with the back and it looks like its going to fit my husband.

I have a question on armhole shaping. The pattern says [I]Dec 1 st each side every RS row. [/I]This is what I do: Knit the first stitch and then do a k2tog. At the end of the row, when there are three stitches on the left needle, do k2tog and knit the last stitch. I do this because my k2tog stitch is loose and the yarn hangs a little bit and when I knit the next stitch, I can tighten this loose yarn.

Is it ok to do k2tog after the first and before the last stitch? The armhole looks ok, so I am assuming my method should not be a problem.

Yes, that’s fine; many people dec 1 or 2 sts in from the edge. It doesn’t have to be on the very end stitch, just near it.

Finally, I am done with knitting the back portion. I thought the one with chest size 44 will be right, but now when I look at the finished piece, it looks huge.

I don’t know what kind of yarn I have (this is the only kind I get in my local shop), so I don’t know whether it will shrink or stretch after the first wash.

I have two options: knit the front portion to match the back or knit the front for chest size 40, but before that should I wash the finished piece and see what will happen? If I do wash it, will I have a problem while seaming the two pieces?

The length might not be the same if you knit a smaller size for the front. Measure your sts per inch on the back and see if you match the gauge in the pattern. If you do, go ahead and knit the front the same size.

Thanks suzeeq I will check my guage. How about giving the finished piece a wash before knitting the front? Should I do it or not?

I think it would look odd to have the back and front different sizes, the side seam will be off. You might be able to take it in a bit depending on your seaming method.

Sure you could do that and see what it does. If you think it’s still too big or it stretches out, then you’d probably best reknit it in the smaller size.

I am not an expert in knitting and seaming, so I think I will knit the other piece in the same size. If it’s too big for my husband, I can always give it someone else.