Help understanding pattern complete beginner, shaping raglan's

Hi everyone. I am a complete beginner, this is my first attempt at knitting anything! I am confused at shaping raglan’s. It says to cast off 2 stitches at the beginning of the next two rows but then also to knit two together and to slip slip stitch at the end of the next two rows. Do I cast off AND knit two together or is this the same thing also it says to cast off two at the start of the next two rows but when looking at the instructions for the second row it just says purl! I can’t work it out please see pic. I am doing smallest size. I started with 55 stitches and pattern says I should end up with 51, but I’m not sure if this is at the end of the first row or second row? As I read it for row one I should cast off two stitches, knit two then knit two together, knit to the last four stitches then slip slip knit together lastly knitting the remaining two stitches, the second row I straight out purl to the end? However at the start it says to cast off first two stitches on next two rows, so confused! Also do cast off stitches count as stitches at the when I count the row? I can’t make the math’s work whatever way I do it.

Hi, I’ve replied in your other post :blush:
Work the first 2 cast off rows before starting from row 1 directions. Cast of 2 stitches at the beginning of the next 2 rows to reduce the stitches to 51 and then continue on :grinning:

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Thanks so much I feel so silly, I had a feeling it would be simple but I just couldn’t get it. Such a great forum, as complete beginner getting stuck on something so simple that appears so complicated can put a beginner off knitting. Now I have motive to keep moving forward. Thank you.


I’m glad you asked. I tell all the children there’s only one stupid question in the whole world. Just one and that is the question you do not ask.

Likely others learned something, too. Ask away.